About Us

Inti Propertindo is a company that combines between the field project with the field of marketing property. Founded by Mrs. Ivonne Anggraini who is certainly very experienced in both these fields.

Assisted by a competent team, Mrs. Ivonne Anggraini always works to create creative concepts, active in working to advance the company, high integrity, and always committed to give the best in order to achieve the brilliant progress.

Project (Architect, Interior, Landscape)

We will help clients to find the best concepts, make it into a building an aesthetic that certainly relevant for in the wake of the blends the beauty of visual form with function of interior, as well as into it with the landspace that is natural.

Marketing Property

A-Z of nonstop service. We not only help the client develop the property into a property that is worth more, we also have a team that can market the property with the right marketing strategy and directed.

We will always deliver the best. 

Vision : Image to achieve the bright progress
Mission : Always work to create creativity, active, integrated and committed to providing the best for customers
Motto : Deliver the best